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Nails Info

When a manicure just isn’t enough, our Nail Technicians will discuss your requirements and advise you on the best solution for you and your nails. Your treatment will be carried out by our highly experienced technicians, you can choose between a wide range/selection of Shellac, Gelish SNS and artistic colours.

Nail Manicure-min

How Much?

Choose from our Award Winning Shellac and Gelish manicures. This manicure will leave your skin feeling softer and your nails looking brighter. (Please note we do not use drills).

Our qualified professionals will remove all dead cuticle skin, buff over the nail removing dead nail cells.

A colour of your choice, followed by a deep moisturising hand massage, which has significant health benefits for the whole body.

Shellac Duraforce Manicure

To give extra protection. Highly recommended for thin, weak or damaged nails. Helping them to grow stronger and healthier.


(45 mins)


Junior: £23


Senior: £25


Executive Senior: £27

Gelish Manicure

Gelish is a soak off gel nail product that is applied the same way as a nail polish but is a pure gel. It lasts up to three weeks without chipping or fading.


(45 Mins)


Junior: £23


Senior: £25


Executive Senior: £27

Structure gel / CND Powder

Extra strength for weaker nails. Highly recommended for those who are removing acrylic nails and want to build their natural nails up to a good strength and a natural look.


(55 Mins)



Junior: £25


Senior: £27


Executive Senior: £29
Gel or Acrylic Extensions


(Up to 1 hr, 30 mins)

Please note, we do not use drills


Senior: £35


Executive Senior: £38



(Up to 1 hr)


Senior: £27


Executive Senior: £30

Removal of any gel polish


Free of charge if having a new set



Removal Of Acrylic



Manicure With polish


Junior: £15


Senior: £20

Princess Manicure (under 13)


(20 Mins)


Junior: £10


Senior: £15

Princess Manicure (under 13)


(30 Mins)


Junior: £12


Senior: £17

Nail art


The quotation is given and agreed beforehand. From £5.00


Sit back and relax in our deluxe foot spa with an automatic back massager. Soak in soft warm bubbles to refresh the feet, with cuticle work and exfoliation. Removal of hard skin, the shaping of the nails, and a complimentary foot massage, followed by your choice of:


(Lasts up to 4 weeks, Please remember to bring flip flops)


(55 mins)


Junior: £25


Senior: £30


Executive Senior: £33


(Lasts up to 8 weeks)


(55 mins)


Junior: £30


Senior: £35


Executive Senior: £38

Gel Toes

(File, Cuticles, Buff, Gel Polish)


(25 mins)


Junior: £20


Senior: £25


Executive Senior: £27

Add a Luxury paraffin wax

(To any mani or pedi)




This relaxes the muscles, increases blood ow, relieves joint stiffness and reduces pain.

Add a Luxury paraffin wax




Highly recommended with a pedicure. Removes all dead skin and cracked heels, leaving your feet soft, and fresh.

Combine with Pedicure



Combine with Pedicure & gel Polish


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