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Massages & Spa Body



Massage & Spa Body (Page)-min

Massages & Spa

Massage reduces tension and relaxes the mind as well as the body, leaving you feeling relaxed, revitalised and invigorated.

We use healing methods in each of our massage therapies and adapt the treatment for each client to enhance a sense of calm, a feeling of complete relaxation leaving you feeling refreshed.


A full consultation will be provided before your treatment is carried out. On booking your massage please advice the type of pressure you prefer, so we can indeavour to provide you with the correct therapist.

Massage & Spa-min
Massages & Spa Body

How Much?

Full Body Balinese Massage 

An intense deep tissue massage that re-energises the body and uplifts the mind. An excellent massage to help relieve aches and pains in tight muscles, reducing the build-up of lactic acid and increasing blood circulation. Recommended for those who undertake strenuous activities or sports.


Junior – 55 mins: £35 / 85 mins: £47


Senior – 55 mins: £40 / 85 mins: £55


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £45 / 85 mins: £60

Full Body Asian Massage

A calming and toning massage which includes soothing lymph drainage treatment and gentle kneading movements which encourage balance within the body chakras and complement the included stomach massage. An ideal treatment option for those who experience insomnia or sporadic sleep patterns as this treatment promotes a deep sense of relaxation.


Junior – 55 mins: £35 / 85 mins: £47


Senior – 55 mins: £40 / 85 mins: £55


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £45 / 85 mins: £60

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

A therapeutic and relaxing massage which stimulates the senses and calms the muscles. Medium pressure is applied in soothing strokes focusing on the body’s pressure points. Essential oils are used to suit each client’s personal needs and concerns.


Junior – 55 mins: £35 / 85 mins: £47


Senior – 55 mins: £40 / 85 mins: £55


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £45 / 85 mins: £60

Full Body Pregnancy Massage

Ease tension and enjoy a nurturing mother-to-be massage. This treatment uses safe and effective techniques to help you relax, increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and assist in reducing water retention. This treatment is deeply calming and will leave you and your baby feeling relaxed. Please note this is only available after your 12-week scan.


Senior – 55 mins: £40 / 85 mins: £55


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £45 / 85 mins: £60

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Harmonizing, restoring and uplifting the body at its deepest level. Hot stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of massage. The warm basalt stones are used all over the body to relax tight muscles, accelerate lymphatic drainage, calm the nervous system and detox the body. (Medium/Firm or Extra Firm)


Junior – 55 mins: £40 / 85 mins: £55


Senior – 55 mins: £45 / 85 mins: £60


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £50 / 85 mins: £65

Stress Therapy Massage

Medium/firm/extra firm massage n the back, neck, shoulders and head concentrating on tense areas and using pressure points on the face. This massage is very relaxing and good for alleviating stress.


Junior – 40 mins £27


Senior – 40 mins: £32


Executive Senior – 40 mins: £37


 (Add Hotstones: £5)

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Medium / Firm pressure, concentrating on your areas of concern and muscle tension. This is a deep and revitalising massage that leaves you feeling uplifted and energised.


Junior – 25 mins: £22


Senior – 25 mins: £27


Executive Senior – 25 mins: £32


(Add Hotstones: £5)

Shiatsu Scalp Massage

Eases tension, de-stresses the mind and includes deep relaxation. The movements consist of stretches, pressure points, rotations and kneading moves on the scalp, neck and shoulders. This treatment is especially good for those who suffer from headaches.


Junior – 25 mins: £20


Senior – 25 mins: £25


Executive Senior – 25 mins: £30

Uplifting Foot and Leg Treatment

A revitalising massage used to invigorate the feet and legs. Using reflex points and drainage moves this treatment is excellent to speed up circulation, break down cellulite and relieve water retention leaving the legs feeling lighter and re-energised. (This treatment can be adapted to suit pregnant clients).


Junior – 25 mins: £20


Senior – 25 mins: £25


Executive Senior – 25 mins: £30


45 minutes hands-on treatment, 10 minutes aftercare and diagnosis.

Using hot steam towels to cleanse and relax your feet to start. The reflexology zone massage helps to rebalance the body by working on reflex points in the feet which correspond to the rest of the body, leaving you relaxed but helping to restore lost energy.

We recommend a course of treatment.


Senior – 55 mins: £35


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £40

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Smooth away dulling surface debris while restoring vital nutrients to tired skin. The exfoliating body scrub treatment, customised with aromatherapy essential oils, will help to smooth the skin and relax stressed muscles. Also, an excellent treatment prior to a holiday to get that perfect long lasting tan.


Junior – 55 mins: £32


Senior – 55 mins: £37


Executive Senior – 55 mins: £42

Exfoliating Full Body Scrub with invigorating back, neck and shoulder massage

Junior – 85 mins: £45


Senior – 85 mins: £55


Executive Senior – 85 mins: £60

Purifying back treatment

A deep cleansing and exfoliating back treatment removing impurities using steam and hot steam towels this will leave the skin feeling smooth, fresh and an overall feeling of well being.


Junior – 25 mins: £20


Senior – 25 mins: £25


Executive Senior – 25 mins: £30
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