Coronavirus Updates

– Please be assured that any existing deposits paid will remain secure with us

– All existing gift card expiry dates will be extended in line with these closures

Inbetween your treatments

Gel Nails/Extensions

Please gently file/cut down as necessary as they grow

If lifting is happening at the base of the nail, please DO NOT pick the gel or acrylic off – this will damage your natural nail and affect the quality of your nail treatments when they resume in time.

If you need to remove your gels/acrylic –

– Please gently soak in 100% pure acetone (available online or in chemist if you need to)

Either –

– Completely submerged in ramekins as we do in salon


– Soaked into cut up cotton pads, applied over the nails, then wrapped in small squares of foil.

Leave like this for a minimum of 10 minutes, then using a cuticle pusher/wooden cuticle stick/nail file to gently remove the product as it breaks down.

Repeat as necessary, being very careful to only file or push at the product, not the natural nail.

Patience will pay off, if you are not sure if all the clear product is off or not, then stop, making sure you feel no discomfort at any time.

Wash hands, and liberally apply cuticle oil/cream to rehydrate skin and nails.

If acetone needs to be disposed of from a pot, do not do this in your indoor sinks as it will damage the pipes. Soaked cotton pads are fine to be disposed of in the bin.

Laser Clients

– We will reschedule your appointments as soon as we can when we are able to reopen.

– We will prioritise those whose appointments fall in this closed period.

– We will aim to contact you but please remember you can e-mail us at any time on where we can provide assistance/advice

Please continue to only remove hair by the following methods:

– Shaving
– Trimming
– Hair removal creams/mousses

As tempting as it may be, tweezing, epilating or waxing will affect the hair growth cycles and impact on your course of treatments.

– We strongly advise you to remain patient and we will get you treated as soon as we can when reopened to continue your course

– As usual please continue to follow sun protection guidelines in all treated areas that may be exposed, or future treatments may have to be delayed if you have gained any tan in these areas.

Aesthetic Treatments

– Botox
– Filler
– Plasma
– Semi Permanent Makeup

– If you are due to have any of these treatments, or were already booked in during this time, we will reschedule these as soon as we can when we reopen

– If you have already had any of these treatments and were due a topup/review during this time, again we will see you as a priority as close to reopening as we can.

– We will contact you as we can from our records, but please e-mail us at for further assistance if necessary

– The usual aftercare applies, given to you after your initial treatment. If you don’t have this information then we will provide it for you again very soon – please check back here.

Salon Updates

March 23rd 2020

To every single one of our loyal and valued clients –

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you all today of our immediate closure in line with government restrictions on social contact. This will remain in effect until such time that social distancing requirements change.

Our online booking and app has been disabled for the time being.

We all have a responsibility at this time and for the safety of staff, clients and community of all ages – we must comply to protect the population as a whole. We hope that all of you can do the same and use this time to rest, take care of yourself and whoever else you can, and support the country and NHS by limiting the spread of COVID-19.

We at Nouveau are a strong team and won’t be going anywhere – we will keep you all updated as much as we can.

We’d like to thank you all for supporting us continuously and we look forward to seeing our salon full of happy clients again when the safety of everyone can be assured.

Keep well and take care

Nouveau x

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